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About Us

BlakW Scripts is a professional scripting company founded in October 2010 specializing in scripts for Neobot, after Neobot fall we moved to Redbot Pro although a more promising tool emerged with the name iBot where we worked alongside for almost 3 years and reached over 5.000 clients but has our experience growth we felt the need of expansion so 2015 was the year of change and today we also forge WindBot scripts providing an exceptional product quality for all demands.

We are experienced on the creation of scripts using the latest techniques and functions provided by the platform. We do extensive work on every single script to make sure it reach all expectations.

Here you will be able to find the top notch quality scripts that will for sure fit your needs like money-making, experience-making, tasking and much more with the sole purpose of making your Tibia experience efficient and profitable.

Why BlakW Scripts

  • We have a great variety of scripts for every vocation and level range.
  • Most of our scripts are classified 100% AFK (away from keyboard).
  • Advanced scripting and clean code using the latest techniques.
  • Heads Up Displays (HUD) to track your character advances in real time.
  • Pvp safe scripts to avoid getting killed by other players.
  • Tons of built-in content that you can easily customize to fit your character needs.
  • System that allows you to get the scripts instantly if you pay using our supported payment processors (real cash only).
  • Scripts always up-to-date according to latest tibia client and bot version.
  • Free lifetime updates to every script you buy.
  • Support and solutions for any problem you may encounter using our scripts.